Welcome! We are a public records research company based in Concord, NH, USA.

For information on the State of New Hampshire UCC and Corporate Online policies, see our news page!

Our Mission

We want to be your number one public records search and retrieval specialists! Here at the Research Connection we strive to provide excellence in the document search and retrieval field. We also strive for complete customer satisfaction and a fast "turn-around".

Company Profile

Our customers are always telling us: "Thanks for getting back to us so quickly!". We strive for customer satisfaction!

The President of the Research Connection Of New Hampshire is Laurie L. Willmott. She brings with her over 19 years of experience in the document search and retrieval fields. Laurie is definitely a "Pro" in the Research field. She has a great staff that has been with her for several years now. They too are top notch researchers.

Contact Information

Please get in touch with us! Feel free to Phone, Fax or E-mail us any time!

Toll Free in US: 800-540-5064
Postal address:
1 Old Loudon Rd.
        Concord, NH 03301
Electronic mail
General Information: info@theresearchconnection.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: webmaster@theresearchconnection.com

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